The Future Is Not What it Used to Be

The old adage ‘The future is not what it used to be’ is no more evident than at the SAIW with the introduction of its Future Welder Training Centre, which will use augmented or virtual welder training techniques.

Augmented welder training, in essence, allows students to work with real 3D objects combined with virtual computer-generated images to give them the most realistic welding experience possible,” says SAIW executive director, Sean Blake. “They can repeatedly practice techniques, at no extra cost, and the system can be networked and controlled by the tutor for the optimal teaching tool.”

He adds that augmented welder training could possibly revolutionise the way welding is taught.

“Many people in the industry feel that there hasn’t been sufficient change in the past 50 years in the way welding is taught. This, they say, may have led to a negative image of the profession and the consequent shortage of welders worldwide.

“Many other industries are ahead in the use of modern technologies for training purposes and its time that the welding industry caught up. We hope that the SAIW will be able to show the way in Africa,” he says.