Welding Inspection


Welding inspectors are the guardians of quality and safety in the welding industry. Their role is pivotal in ensuring that welds meet stringent standards, codes, and specifications, ultimately guaranteeing the integrity of welded structures and components. At the Southern African  Institute of Welding (SAIW), we recognize the critical importance of welding inspectors and offer comprehensive training programmes that empower individuals to become qualified Welding and Fabrication Inspectors at both Level 1 and Level 2.

Level 1 and Level 2 Certification

Our Welding and Fabrication Inspector courses are designed to provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on training to individuals aspiring to become proficient inspectors. These programmes cover a wide range of topics, including welding processes, codes and standards, defect identification, inspection techniques, and quality control. Upon successful completion of these courses, individuals can earn internationally recognised certifications, making them well prepared to take on the responsibilities of welding inspection roles in various industries.

IWIP-B + ASME + D1.1 = Welding and Fabrication Inspector Level 1

IIW IWIP Basic and Standard

SAIW’s commitment to excellence extends to incorporating the International Institute of Welding’s (IIW) International Welding Inspection Personnel (IWIP) Basic and Standard qualifications into our Welding and Fabrication Inspector courses. This means that our students not only receive industry-leading training, but also gain access to globally recognised
qualifications. The IIW IWIP certifications open doors to international opportunities, as they are widely respected and sought after by employers and organisations worldwide.

Welding and Fabrication Inspector Level 1 + Oral = IWIP-B

Welding and Fabrication Inspector Level 2 + Oral + 2 Years Experience = IWIP-S

SAQCC Competent Persons (CP) and Inspector of Pressure Equipment (IPE)

In addition to IIW certifications, SAIW offers training and preparation for the South African Qualification & Certification Committee (SAQCC) Competent Persons (CP) and Inspector of Pressure Equipment (IPE) certifications. These credentials are crucial for individuals seeking to specialise in the inspection of pressure equipment and demonstrate their  competence in ensuring the safe operation of pressure vessels, boilers, and related equipment. These certifications are highly regarded within South Africa’s industrial landscape.


By choosing SAIW for your welding inspection training, you embark on a path to becoming a skilled and internationally recognised welding inspector. Your role will involve conducting critical inspections, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and contributing to the safety and quality of welding projects. Welding inspectors are in high demand globally, and our programmes are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this rewarding and vital profession. With experience, you can develop a solid technical base, which then allows you to move into other areas such as production management, quality assurance and control, risk management, third party inspection, and technical

Enrol in an SAIW course and invest in your future as a welding inspector. Your qualification will not only be a testament to your expertise but also a passport to a world of opportunities in the welding industry, both nationally and internationally.

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