IIW Welding Specialist

The Welding Specialist course is aimed at equipping personnel with the necessary skills and technical knowledge to plan, execute, supervise and test welding operations within a limited technical field involving simple welded constructions. The course has been designed to meet the requirements of welding coordination personnel.

The course is intended for Welding supervisors and co-ordinators and for personnel involved in training and technical sales.


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Course Outline


  • The practical training component of the course is not intended to bring the skill of trainees to a specific competency level but is aimed at ensuring they are exposed to a number of different processes and are familiar with the reasons for typical defects arising during welding.
  • Exemption is possible from the practical training module subject to a suitable CV showing experience with welding processes and is at the discretion of the Approved Training Body.


  • Welding Processes and Equipment.
  • Materials and their behaviour during welding.
  • Construction and Design.
  • Fabrications, Applications Engineering.

Course Duration

Practical: 7 days
Theory: 26 days
Exams: 8 hours

Access Conditions

Entry Requirements:

1.The  recommended minimum age is 20 years
2.A senior certificate (matric, N3) with a pass in mathematics and science or equivalent AND a minimum of 2 years of job related experience is required OR
3.Hold a General Education and Training Certificate (GETC – Grade 9) plus 5 years relevant metal working experience

Candidates not meeting the above educational requirements will still be able to access the course through artisan qualification and experience. Contact info@saiw.co.za for more information.





Corporate Member:
Theory Only – R44 940 (incl VAT)
Practical Only – R9 390 (incl VAT)
Theoretical & Practical Combined –  R54 320 (incl VAT)

Non- Member:
Theory Only – R48 850 (incl VAT)
Practical Only – R10 150 (incl VAT)
Theoretical & Practical Combined – R58 720 (incl VAT)

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