IIW Welding Specialist (IWS)


An International Welding Specialist (IWS) is a more advanced role that involves a deeper understanding of welding technologies, materials, and quality control.

IWSs are often responsible for overseeing welding operations, conducting weld inspections, and ensuring compliance with welding standards and specifications.

They may take on leadership roles in managing welding teams, developing welding procedures, and addressing complex welding-related challenges. IWSs have a comprehensive knowledge of welding processes, materials, and advanced welding techniques.



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Course Outline


  • The practical training component of the course is not intended to bring the skill of trainees to a specific competency level but is aimed at ensuring they are exposed to a number of different processes and are familiar with the reasons for typical defects arising during welding.
  • Exemption is possible from the practical training module subject to a suitable CV showing experience with welding processes and is at the discretion of the Approved Training Body.


  • Welding Processes and Equipment.
  • Materials and their behaviour during welding.
  • Construction and Design.
  • Fabrications, Applications Engineering.

Course Duration
Practical: 7 days
Theory: 27 days
Exams: 8 hours

Entry Requirements

  • The  recommended minimum age is 20 years
  • A senior certificate (matric, N3) with a pass in mathematics and science or equivalent AND a minimum of 2 years of job related experience is required OR
  • Hold a General Education and Training Certificate (GETC – Grade 9) plus 5 years relevant metal working experience

Candidates not meeting the above educational requirements will still be able to access the course through artisan qualification and experience. Contact info@saiw.co.za for more information.


Course Duration

Practical  – 7 days
Theory – 26 days
Exams – 8 hours

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* Practical training can be done at alternative dates provided the practical is completed in the calendar year in which the theory was completed. No practical exam is taken.



Corporate Member:
Theory Only – R57,300 (incl VAT)
Practical Only – R10,400 (incl VAT)
Theoretical & Practical Combined –  R67,700 (incl VAT)

Non-Corporate Member:
Theory Only – R61,900 (incl VAT)
Practical Only – R10,400 (incl VAT)
Theoretical & Practical Combined – R72,300 (incl VAT)

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