Material Testing Laboratory Services

SAIW Materials Testing Laboratory is a lab that conducts both Non-destructive and Destructive testing.

The facility is fully equipped to perform mechanical and non-destructive testing and weld samples, either welded in the welding school or to assess welder performance or procedure qualification. The material testing laboratory supports the consulting services offered by SAIW.


  • Welding procedure and welder performance qualification
  • Failure analysis/weld analysis
  • Troubleshooting welding problems
  • Welding Coordinator
  • Implementing new welding technologies in industry
  • Welding consumable testing
  • Post weld heat treatment simulations
  • Technical Information and Support

SAIW Materials’s Testing Laboratory is ISO 17025 Accredited for testing :

Other Non-accredited tests:

The SAIW material testing laboratory, laboratory number T0693, is accredited by SANAS to comply with ISO 17025.

The SAIW material testing laboratory is managed by a team of qualified and experienced metallurgists.

For more information, please contact administrator on or 011 298 2104