Practical Welding Course

The SAIW is dedicated to providing world-class practical welder training benchmarked against international welding standards and international welder programmes. SAIW therefore strives to ensure that when a candidate exits any of our tailormade programmes he/she can be assured of good prospects in securing employment with excellent financial rewards.

These highly sought-after courses can be developed to suit company or individual needs and are conducted at the SAIW practical welding school. They can also be offered in-house.

Practical welding courses are tailored to accommodate any welding skill level, from beginner to experienced. Training is thus designed to meet the needs of the individual taking into account the entry skill level and the desired end result. The pace of progress is determined through practical assessments and so the duration will vary from one person to the next. 




Individuals seeking to learn how to weld or those wishing to acquire a new skill or upskill themselves can attend any Monday to Friday session, once a booking is confirmed.


Outcomes of training will depend on the individual’s ability to successfully undertake a Welder Performance Certification test as mandated by the various construction standards i.e. ASME section IX (required by Petrochemical Industry), (ISO 9606 required by Power Generation Industry) and AWS D1.1 – 6 (required for Structural Fabrication Industries).

Examples of the welding positions commonly used in welder training can be seen in the diagram below.


  • Good hand-eye coordination is the most important aspect to allow one to excel in welding.
  • Appropriate health as well as physical and mental capability is also required.


The price of the course is R 7,400 per week (including VAT)

The above pricing includes certification testing (Coding) to the desired Construction Standard most applicable to the work.

Should only a welder competency test be required, R3 280 will be charged per welding process, per position, per material.

A 25% surcharge is applied if the material is stainless steel or aluminium.

Personal Protective Equipment 

Students are required to supply their own personal protective equipment (safety boots, flame retardant overall)

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