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Welding supervisors are tasked with the responsibility of improving the productivity of welders. With the correct training, welding supervisors will provide adequate support for welders, ensuring high quality production at minimal cost. The International Welding Practitioner (IWP) course is ideal for welding personnel who wish to progress their career and improve their knowledge of welding technology and quality control.




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Course Outline

This course has both a theoretical and a practical component and covers:

  • Welding processes and equipment.
  • Materials and their behaviour during welding, construction and design.
  • Fabrication applications engineering.

Practical Welder training is carried out on an individual basis with the main processes being MMA, MIG/MAG, FCAW, TIG and Oxy-Fuel welding. Forty (40) hours are reserved to broaden the student’s knowledge and skill in other relevant materials within this main process. An additional twenty (20) hours shall be reserved to give the student basic understanding of the possibilities of other processes.

On completion of the course, students will have an understanding of:

  • The characteristics and main components of the most common arc welding power sources.
  • The fundamentals of common and special welding processes and their applications.
  • Consumables used in the different processes.
  • Joint designs and weld configurations for specific materials, thicknesses, accessibility, different loadings and allowable tolerances.
  • Basic metallurgy of steels, testing of materials and heat treatments.
  • Defects encountered with the various welding processes.
  • And more – see dedicated course brochure for additional details.

Course Duration:

Theory: 10 days
Exams: 2 hours

Students may be exempt from practical training provided they hold a welder qualification for multiple materials and can demonstrate experience of all the major welding processes.

Access Conditions

Entry Requirements:

  1. A valid welder qualification certificate to weld in all positions without backing in at least one process, eg. 6G (H-L045) pipe weld without backing, or horizontal and vertical groove weld without backing.
  2. The recommended minimum age of 20 years including 2 years working experience as a welder.
  3. Welder qualification tests will be conducted on completion of the theory in the 6G positions and PF plate positions, in a choice of processes or materials.




Corporate Member:
Theory Only – R14 400 (Including VAT)

Non- Member:
Practical Only – R15 135 (Including VAT)

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