Robotic Welding

Individuals wishing to do robotic arc welding must understand the various issues that will be encountered when moving from manual application methods. Therefore, it is important for the individual to understand what must be controlled and by whom to produce sound welds.

The Robotic Welder training course is designed to give the candidate the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge on welding technology by equipping him/her with the skills to manage all aspects of a robotic welding operation including design and programming of the welding task, safety and troubleshooting of the welding operation.

The course also serves as a foundation to more advanced robotic welder training.

For non-welders, a two week introduction to GMAW/Mig welding is required to teach the student how to operate the robotic welder, and also to give them a degree of welding skill.

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Course Information


  1. Safety around a robot
  2. Welding procedures
  3. Operating the pendant
  4. Linear motion programming
  5. Circular motion programming

Course Duration
5 days

Access Conditions

Entry Requirements:
You should be a holder of a valid Code Certification as a Gas Metal Arc Welder (GMAW) in the 1F and 1G welding positions respectively to gain access to the course. Should you not meet these requirements you need to attend a one-week practical welding course enabling you to weld a Fillet and Plate in the 1F and 1G positions.



PRICING (Including VAT)
Practical welding (if required) :  R 6,888
Corporate Member : R 17,100
Non-Corporate Member  : R 18,490

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