Robotic Welding


The Robotic Welder training course is designed to give the candidate the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge on welding technology by equipping him/her with the skills to manage all aspects of a robotic welding operation including design and programming of the welding task, safety and troubleshooting of the welding operation.

The course also serves as a foundation to more advanced robotic welder training by SAIW partners.

The course will consist of the following:

  • Practical axes of RW Systems
  • Co-ordinate Systems in Robotic Programing
  • Structure of Welding Systems
  • RW Programming and Efficient Use
  • Welding Processes used in RW
  • Programming of Robots in welding applications
  • Seam tracking systems and sensors used in RW
  • Joint Preparation for RW
  • Maintenance of RW Systems
  • Theory welding terms and abbreviations
  • Welding joints
  • Welding processes
  • Welding defects including ISO 5817
  • Basics of Materials
  • Welding Operator qualifications
  • WPS Qualifications
  • RW health and safety
  • Welding Symbols
  • Introduction to NDT

The training includes a practical module which will teach the Welding Operator the Programming of the robot.

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Access Conditions

Entry Requirements:
For those who are not welders they should do a two week introduction to the Practical Welding Course

Course Duration:
5 days


Corporate Member: R 15 808 (incl VAT)

Non-Member: R 17 075 (incl VAT)


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