Welding Quality Control

Welding Quality Control is a course designed to allow candidates who have no industry experience to quickly familiarise themselves with welding quality control.

The course introduces welding terminology, gives a brief description of common welding processes, material science, inspection techniques, welding and fabrication codes, quality control documentation, basic mathematics and science.

The course is also for those who do not meet direct entry requirements to the SAIW Welding and Fabrication Inspector Level 1. This course is intended for anyone who wishes to enter the field of fabrication and serves as a basis to begin a career in welding quality control and inspection.

The course can be used to access other courses in Welding Inspection or Welding Coordination/ Supervision. The course meets the syllabus requirements of Module IWS – 0 for IIW courses.


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Course Outline

Course Outline
Week 1 – Quality control, welding codes and standards, welding terminology.
Week 2 – Overview of Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Material for Welding Technology

Course Duration
10 days

Please Note:
A 60% minimum is required in end-of-course examination

Access Conditions

Entry Requirements: None





Costs : R11,820 (including VAT)


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