ASME Codes of Construction and The National Board Inspection Code


This ASME Codes of Construction course is ideal for welding inspectors involved in boiler and/or pressure vessel fabrication, repair or modification. The course is mandatory for inspectors aiming for certification as an Inspector of Pressurised Equipment (IPE) with the intention of working for an  approved Inspection Authority (AIA).

The syllabus includes requirements for welding, fabrication and inspection: design of vessels and boilers; allowable materials; strengthen calculations for openings; qualification of welders and welding procedures; inspection and tests; marking and reports; pressure relief devices; duties of inspectors; using the codes and calculations. NBIC is used for post construction activities in the installation, inspection, repair and alteration of pressure retaining

The course is suitable for project and maintenance engineers and engineering supervisors with responsibility for boilers and pressure vessels and as an introduction to the ASME Code.

Candidates should have a Grade 10 qualification as a minimum. Candidates should preferably have completed the SAIW level 2 welding inspector qualification prior to doing this course, which is a requirement for IPE certification.

The Course Addresses the Requirements of:

  • ASME Section 1 – Rules of Construction for Power Boilers.
  • ASME Section VIII Division 1 – Rules of Construction for Pressure Vessels.
  • ASME Section IX – welding and brazing qualifications and NBIC – National Board Inspection Code.

Successful graduates will have an appreciation for the code requirements and be able to use the codes and interpret and apply the fabrication and inspection requirements in their daily work activities.

The course is specifically designed to introduce students on the use of relevant code sections in a logical and methodical manner.

Entry Requirements

  • There are no specific entry requirements for engineering personnel attending the course
  • Welding fabrication inspectors should preferably attain the SAIW Level 2 qualification before attending this course

Course Outline

The course content covers:

  • ASME Section I
  • ASME Section VIII Division I
  • ASME Section IX
  • National Board Inspection Code

Course Duration

10 days

Course Schedule

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Pricing (including VAT)

Corporate Member – R29,400

Non-Corporate Member – R31,800


CPD credits available for this course


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