Heat Treatment Practitioner


Heat Treatment Practitioner performing local heat treatment of welded fabrications on site, or in a workshop, using resistance heating, will benefit from this course. The course is also suitable for maintenance personnel who are responsible for supervising heat treatment operations. Candidates who preferably have a Grade 10 Qualification as well as experience in engineering and/or metal working is recommended.

Course Information

Covers heat treatment requirements for the fabrication of pressure vessels, steam generators and process equipment.

The following Fabrication Codes are dealt with in this course:


  • EN13445
  • EN13480
  • AWS D1.1


Course Content


  • Basic metallurgy
  • Heat treatment definitions
  • Welding processes
  • Welding effects on materials – why is heat treatment necessary?
  • Heat treatment cycles, heating and cooling rates, soaking  temperatures, soaking times
  • Code and material specification requirements for welding
  • Pre-heat, post-weld heat treatment, normalising, annealing, hydrogen removal
  • Methods of heat  treatment
  • Equipment


  • Determining pre- and post-weld heat treatment requirements to codes and standards
  • Determining heating and insulation band widths
  • Determining heating configurations on nozzles
  • Setting up equipment for weld heat treatments – thermocouples, heaters, insulation
  • Operating heat treatment equipment

Course Duration

3 days

Course Schedule

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Pricing (Including VAT)

Corporate Member – R29,400
Non-Corporate Member – R31,800

Successful Candidates will

  • understand the necessity to perform pre- and post-weld heat treatments
  • be able to determine heat treatment cycles in accordance with various codes
  • be able to set up and operate heat treatment equipment

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