Fellow of SAIW Award – Mr Makakane Maroga


The recipient of the 2023 Fellow of the SAIW award Makakane Maroga’s remarkable journey in the welding industry began with an unexpected twist, a decision that would shape his extraordinary career. In 2008, he found himself enrolling in the SAIW’s welding inspection course at the behest of his manager. Little did he know that this choice would lead him to become a professional engineer, assume influential positions at Eskom, and receive prestigious awards in the field.

Makakane’s ascent through the ranks was nothing short of spectacular. He served as the President and Chairperson of the SAIW Board for three terms, culminating in 2020. His unwavering commitment to the institute’s growth and longevity was evident through his instrumental role in establishing the SAIW Foundation and SAIW Certification.

Beyond his professional achievements, Makakane Maroga is a passionate advocate for welding. He actively engages with schools to educate students and educators about the vast opportunities within the field, dispelling misconceptions along the way. His efforts extend to collaboration with government and industry stakeholders to endorse welding careers, alleviate the skills shortage, and provide employment opportunities for many.

Championing internationally accredited training

One of his most notable accomplishments is the creation of the Eskom Academy of Learning, a joint venture with SAIW established in 2011. This institution offers internationally accredited training programs, with a particular focus on benefiting disadvantaged individuals. The success of this academy has drawn significant government support, showcasing the transformative impact of industry-government collaboration in addressing critical societal challenges.

Makakane Maroga’s visionary leadership, unwavering dedication, and pioneering initiatives have not only transformed perceptions about welding but have also created opportunities and contributed significantly to the growth and prosperity of individuals and the welding industry as a whole. His journey is one of inspiration and exemplary achievement.