Best IIW Manufacturing Certification Scheme ISO 3834 Company Award – ND Engineering


In the world of engineering and manufacturing, excellence is not the result of a single project or a solitary achievement. It’s the culmination of a company’s enduring commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and embracing the fundamental principles of industry standards.

ND Engineering, a company with a legacy spanning over five decades, embodies these values. In a recent triumph, ND Engineering clinched the Best IIW Manufacturing Certification Scheme ISO 3834 Company Award, a testament to their unwavering dedication to welding excellence.

ND Engineering Owner and MD Elvis Green reflects on the journey leading to this prestigious accolade. “While there isn’t one singular project that stands as the crowning achievement, it’s the cumulative success of numerous projects and the comprehensive application of ISO 3834 principles that paved the way for this recognition. The decision to integrate ISO 3834 into their operations marked a transformative moment, as it deepened their understanding of welding,” he says.

The implementation of ISO 3834 from the tender stage allowed ND Engineering to scrutinize every facet of welding, giving their experienced team of welders clear insight and direction to consistently deliver top-quality welding. This emphasis on precision and excellence has been a cornerstone of their operations, setting the stage for the attainment of the ISO 3834 Company Award.

Elvis says he initially perceived welders as individuals solely responsible for joining what was assembled by Boilermakers. It was later in his career that he fully grasped the pivotal role welders play in the success or failure of a project.

ND Engineering’s success story is not limited to ideology; it’s rooted in practicality. From the outset, they adopted cutting-edge technologies and materials to enhance both production and quality. Their commitment to innovation led them to become one of the first companies in South Africa to employ Double Tig welding, which eliminated the need for back grinding and reduced distortion. They also embraced semi-automated flux core welding and ventured into manufacturing bulk storage vessels in SAF 2205 duplex as early as 1993.

ND Engineering’s journey of innovation is closely linked to their long-standing relationship with Avesta’s chief scientist, which provided them with invaluable real-world feedback on new super alloys and super duplex welding consumables. Moreover, they pioneered the use of fully automated tube-to-tube sheet welding machines two decades ago, and they continue to advance with the latest Polysoude technology, featuring automated centring and full AVC control.

In all its endeavours, ND Engineering maintains a core objective – to add value to its customers and stakeholders. Innovation, continuous training, and the application of best practices drive their approach. They firmly believe that sowing bountifully in their work will lead to a harvest of success, provided they give their best every day.

Receiving the Best IIW Manufacturing Certification Scheme ISO 3834 Company Award is not just a milestone in Elvis’s career but also a momentous occasion in the history of ND Engineering. As the company celebrates its fifty-fourth year of existence, Elvis extends his gratitude to the SAIW committee for this significant recognition. His life’s journey, filled with challenges and opportunities, has taught him the value of a steadfast approach to hard work and a strong spiritual foundation. This positive outlook has not only motivated and encouraged his colleagues but also helped him overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges in the industry.