STAFF PROFILE: Lebohang Kekae


The SAIW’s dedicated Qualifications and Certification Records Controller Lebohang Kekae is a key member of the SAIW’s certification team from both a client and student perspective.

A key part of this is that she views her role as more than just a set of job responsibilities saying; “Ensuring the smooth flow of key processes is not merely a task but a core part of my work. I also aim to bring innovative ideas, diligence, effective communication with my team, and a dedication to building a robust structure within our department, while pursuing opportunities for personal and professional development.”

Responsibility, relationships & mental well-being

Lebohang not only holds the position of the eldest in a family of four but also serves as a devoted mother to her daughter. Growing up in the tight-knit community of Mapetla Extension in Soweto, Lebohang’s educational journey – from Reasoma Secondary School to the academic corridors of Boston City Campus and Business College – reflects her commitment to personal and professional growth.

Lebohang’s personal narrative has been influenced by the responsibility she undertook at a young age following her mother passing away. Supporting her sister, she gained valuable insights into providing emotional support and ensuring mental well-being.

Championing quality

Looking at her current position, Lebohang acknowledges the challenges confronting the local welding sector, underscoring the need for skill acquisition through training. Recognising the dynamic nature of the job, she stresses the importance of investing in training and updated equipment. She elaborates; “The SAIW’s role in the industry is vital because it offers industrial training that gives students the knowledge, practical experience, and certificates of certification, that allow them to have successful careers.”

A beacon of safety and support

Highlighting the SAIW’s important role in the welding landscape, Lebohang emphasises the institute’s commitment to systematic safety measures. She points out that in an environment where high temperatures, hazardous materials, and potentially dangerous equipment are the norm, the SAIW ensures the safety of all students. The presence of technical experts – who oversee welding activities on a large scale – adds another layer of protection,

Looking ahead, Lebohang outlines her personal and professional goals for the upcoming year. She is dedicated to growing with the SAIW team and aspires to ultimately secure a managerial position within the SAIW. This will be underpinned by active participation in the SAIW’s activities and identifying challenging projects aligned with her interests and professional objectives. All of which bode well for a bright future indeed!