SAIW Launches Focused Approach to 2023 Course Offering

Rationalised number of courses means students should plan ahead and book today!

The aftershocks of the COVID-19 pandemic and resultant shifts in student numbers and their availability have seen the SAIW rationalise its current approach so that although the number of scheduled courses we offer remains exactly the same, the number of times these particular courses are offered through the year has been reduced to provide a more streamlined offering. In line with this more focused approach, we are therefore proud to launch our courses for 2023!

Cost Savings

The cost benefit of this more streamlined approach is that 68% of course prices have been held at 2022 levels and will experience NO price increases in 2023 while 95% of courses will have a minimal below inflation increase of 4% or less.

Plan ahead

The more streamlined cost-effective approach does mean students need to plan their study training schedule for 2023 well in advance and book early to ensure they catch their desired course start date next year. See your options below.

Non-Scheduled & Regional Courses – Demand dependent

Despite this more streamlined approach, the SAIW remains committed to offering non-scheduled courses and regional courses in Cape Town and Durban dependent on student demand levels i.e. a minimum of five students required per course. As soon as the minimum number of people have booked in your region, the course will be scheduled.


For more information or to book your 2023 course please e-mail