Use of Logo’s

Rules for the use of IIW-SAIW Certification 

The certified fabricator has the right to publicise its certification by using the Scheme logo in the manner considered most appropriate, provided that such advertising gives a true and accurate image of the fabricator’s capability covered by the certification. In particular, the fabricator is forbidden to alter the certificate or its copies and/to publicise/use the certification outside the specified scope.


The restrictions on the use of SAIW Certification-IIW combined logo are:

  • The logos shall only be reproduced in their original colours or in black and white, and never in any other colour.
  • The size of both logos shall be the same. The maximum width or height of both logos shall be 20 mm.
  • The combined logo shall not be used for other certification not defined in the scope of certification issued by SAIW Certification ANBCC.
  • The combined logo shall only be used while the certificate is valid.


The correct use of the combined logo, or of the certificate, is obligated by agreement to the rules of the certification scheme

Withdrawal of the certificate can be caused by deliberate, imprudent or inaccurate use of the combined logo.

Continued use of the combined logo by the Welding Fabricator after the withdrawal of the certificate may result in legal action taken by SAIW Certification ANBCC against the Welding Fabricator.

If for any reason the IIW authorisation of SAIW Certification is withdrawn, the Welding Fabricator shall immediately cease to use the combined logo and, where necessary, remove all material containing the combined logo. The continued use and diffusion of the combined logo under these circumstances may result in legal action being taken by IIW against the Welding Fabricator.


Figure 1-Schematic layout of the combined logo. (Font style – Arial)