CPD Requirements

CPD is essentially a learning process aimed at continuing improvement and growth. It involves the individual taking on the responsibility for his/her’s own life-long learning, which will be of benefit to the individual and employer.

The important elements are:

  • the development of personal qualities
  • the broadening of knowledge and skill

The SAQCC-CP/IPE committee requires that every certified CP or IPE provide evidence of twenty-four hours CPD over the three-year intervention periods leading to re-certification.

This CPD evidence will be required to be submitted to the SAIW Certification for ratification. This submission of CPD evidence will be applicable from the start of the first renewal period.

CPD record cards will be made available to all certified CPs and IPEs for recording of CPD credits.

All CPD activities on the record card must be authenticated by the event organiser or by the individual’s employer.
Self-authentication is not acceptable. In the event that a certified person does not comply with the CPD requirements, his/her ongoing certification status will be reviewed by the SAQCC-CP committee and may be withdrawn.

  • All documentation submitted by applicants, when applying to SAIW Certification for certification, must be original or photocopies verified by a Commissioner of Oaths or South African Police Services.
  • Verification of an applicant's identity is required and will only be accepted in the form of a current, valid national identity document or travel document.
  • The identity or travel document being used must contain a current black and white or colour photograph of the applicant.

In conjunction with the application form, each applicant will be supplied with an information sheet, GF 07, detailing the applicant’s rights of appeal and complaint with reference to certification.