Course Information

  • Practical axes of RW Systems
  • Co-ordinate Systems in Robotic Programing
  • Structure of Welding Systems
  • RW Programming and Efficient Use.
  • Welding Processes used in RW
  • Programming of Robots in welding applications
  • Seam tracking systems and sensors used in RW
  • Joint Preparation for RW
  • Maintenance of RW Systems
  • Theory welding terms and abbreviations
  • Welding joints
  • Welding processess
  • Welding defects including ISO 5817
  • Basics of Materials
  • Welding Operator qualifications
  • WPS Qualifications
  • RW health and safety
  • Welding Symbols
  • Introduction to NDT

The training includes a practical module which will teach the Welding Operator the Programming of the robot.

Course Duration

5 days