IIW – Comprehensive Level

The IWIP Comprehensive is the most prestigious and the highest level of the IWIP courses. Candidates who have successfully completed the IWIP Standard course and are in possession of two years’ Welding Inspection experience at the Standard level are eligible for the Comprehensive course.

On completing the course, you will have extensive knowledge of welding and inspection theory and application. The course is presented in modular form similar to IWIP Standard and IWIP Basic i.e. there is a Technology module and an Inspection module that have to be successfully completed in order to attain the IWIP Comprehensive certificate.

Successful IWIP Comprehensive candidates will, amongst other things, be able to manage all Inspection activities; supervise IWIP Basic and IWIP Standard personnel developing and then giving them appropriate (on-the job) instructions; act as technical experts for the inspection function.

People holding the IWT or IWE qualifications are exempted from doing the IWIP Comprehensive Technology module but are required to complete the Inspection modules from the IWIP Basic, IWIP Standard and IWI Comprehensive courses and, on passing, they will have to go through an interview process, which, if they pass, will lead to them attaining the IWIP Comprehensive certificate.


Course Outline

  • Welding Processes
  • Materials Technology
  • Construction and Design
  • Fabrication, Application, Engineering
  • Testing of Welds
  • QA/QC

Course Duration
4 days + 1 day exam


Course Outline

  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control in Inspection
  • Testing of Welds and Reporting

Course Duration
4 days + 1 day exam

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