EN 473 aligned with ISO 9712

The two most important NDT standards, EN 473 (the predominantly European standard for the qualification and certification of NDT technicians) and ISO 9712 (the equivalent international standard) have been brought in line.

There were some significant differences between the two standards but EN 473 was revised in 2008, effectively bringing it in line with ISO 9712:2005.

This enables SAIW Certification to qualify and certificate SA NDT technicians in accordance with both of these standards. For example, the new Eskom power stations Medupi and Kusile are being fabricated in accordance with EN standards, and, as a result of the alignment, potential interpretive discrepancies are eradicated making life considerably easier for all concerned.

SAIW Certification is currently working with SANAS to have EN 473:2008 incorporated into the SANAS scope of SAIW Certification accreditation.