Course Information

The course covers the use of the European system for welding symbols (ISO 2553) as well as the use of the American system (AWS A2.4).

The course will also deal with the difficulties encountered in engineering design and fabrication workshops with the use of two different systems. Concepts covered in the course include
orthographic views, joint types and weld types, basic joint geometry, key terms, and basic rules of welding symbols and non-destructive testing symbols.

The course covers all types of welds including groove welds, fillet welds, plug and slot welds, spot and projection welds, and stud, seam, surfacing, and edge welds.

This course is ideal for all fabrication personnel including welding supervisors, quality controllers and welding inspectors. The course is also ideal for personnel involved in engineering design as well as draughting and detailing personnel.

Course Duration
1 day