3834 still booming

The benefits of having a ‘stamp of approval’, especially in an industry as technology-based as welding, cannot be overestimated. But, in the global village, where competition can, and does, come from almost anywhere in the world, this ‘stamp’ becomes essential.

The Southern African Institute of Welding (SAIW) Welding Fabricators Certification Scheme is just such a stamp and judging by the quality and quantity of companies that have been or are in the process of getting certified, it seems the scheme is doing its job!

“The size and stature of companies that have embraced the scheme over time indicates the esteem with which it is held in the industry,” says SAIW Certification’s Herman Potgieter. “Such companies include ArcelorMittal South Africa, Sasol and Eskom which have embraced the scheme, encouraging their suppliers to get certified.”
He adds that that the scheme is not only for big companies. “I must emphasise that dozens of smaller companies have been certified rendering them more competitive in the marketplace. Big end- users are keen to see the quality credentials of all companies including – maybe especially – smaller suppliers,” he says.

Among the most recent to be accredited are Matla Steel and Kinsey Alloy Welding (pictured below)

Potgieter says he is most encouraged by the continued and growing demand. “There is no doubt that the scheme has developed significant momentum, which is not surprising as there are many benefits both locally and in the export markets where the scheme, being IIW certified, is globally recognised,” he says.
Potgieter reminds readers to take cognisance of the fact that with the increase in demand and mandatory requirements of certain industrial manufacturers and changes in national legislation, an increase of requests regarding ISO 3834 certification and the process involved has been received by SAIW Certification.