SAIW Foundation provides IWT training… … are you the next King?

Nndwakhulu Mufamadi, known as King, is a most deserving recipient of the SAIW Foundation bursary to undertake the International Welding Technologist (IWT) training course. King obtained both a National Diploma and B.Tech degree in Engineering Metallurgy from the Vaal University of Technology, having completed his training in 2012. Following the completion of his studies at VUT, King worked for a period of time at the University of Johannesburg Metal Casting Technology Station during 2014 and 2015.

When he applied for the IWT bursary in early 2016, he was working at Metal Protection Engineering on a volunteer basis, in order to obtain working experience so that he could unearth work opportunities.

As Metal Protection Engineering is a welding company and King displayed a passion for welding, it was a match made in heaven for SAIW Foundation to provide King with additional skills to improve his prospects in the welding field. King was dedicated during the IWT training course and made full use of this opportunity, proving to be a dedicated and active participant in the group of students undertaking the IWT course. His dedication showed in his results and he was one of the top achievers in the class, having passed all his exams on the first attempt, many with distinction. SAIW Foundation is proud to have provided King with the opportunity and we know he will put the knowledge that he has
acquired to improve and benefit the welding industry.

King is now an employee at Metal Protection Engineering (MPE) and is filling the position of a Welding Co-ordinator. The training he received on the IWT programme is adding value to MPE as he helps to ensure the welds the company performs are of the highest quality as required by ISO 3834.

Can you be like King? SAIW Foundation invites suitable candidates to apply for a bursary to undertake the IWT course at SAIW in 2017. Should you meet the access conditions and you have a passion for welding, please contact
SAIW to apply.