Visual Testing (VT) – Cape Town

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) refers to the testing of material and components without inhibiting its further usefulness. Applied scientific principles such as electromagnetic induction, magnetism, capillary action, mechanical vibration, electromagnetic waves, etc. are utilised to identify and characterise discontinuities within tested samples or areas of interest.

Qualification is defined as the demonstration of physical attributes, knowledge, skill, training and experience required to properly perform NDT tasks. According to ISO 9712, a candidate must complete an independent qualification examination once the training has been provided.

Certification is defined as the procedure used by the certification body to confirm that the qualification requirements for a method, level and sector have been fulfilled, leading to the issuing of a certificate. Personnel certification depends on the submission of the following during the application

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Cape Town Course Dates

Visual Testing 1 A

Course 1 Course 2 Course 3
Training 20 – 23 Apr 22 – 25 Jun 12 – 15 Oct
Exam 24 Apr 26 Jun 16 Oct

Visual Testing 2 A

Course 1 Course 2
Training 30 Mar –  02 Apr 03 – 06 Aug
Exam 03 Apr 07 Aug

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