Limited: UT Level I Wall Thickness

UT Wall Thickness testing is widely used to check the thickness of metallic materials used for pipelines, tubes, vessels, tanks and other industrial equipment.  It is an important tool in establishing the original dimensions of equipment at the time equipment enters service and in measuring the loss of any wall thickness during service.  An ultrasonic sound beam is transmitted by a transducer from the contact surface and reflected from the opposite surface of the material under test, allowing a calculation of the material. This method provides the ability to gauge thickness of material without requiring access to both sides of the object.  This information is used to measure rates of loss of material and establish the integrity and remaining life of equipment.  UT I WT is a limited qualification because only compression probe applications are considered during the course.


Access Conditions

Please note that RT Safety is mandatory for access to an RT 1 course and no RT 1 certificate shall be issued unless a RT Safety certificate in accordance with DOH and issued by Nelson Mandela Metropiltan University Certificate can be shown.

Direct access to the course shall be granted if the candidate has passed both mathematics and science at Grade 12 (Proof of Grade 12 – or equivalent such as N3 certificate is required).

Alternatively, the candidate shall be required to pass a Proficiency Exam for surface methods, prior to being eligible to sit the applicable NDT course.

Please note that the Proficiency test is free of charge and only assesses the basic skills relating to mathematics, science, comprehension and communication capabilities required within the applicable NDT method. The pass mark for the Proficiency test is 70%. Please contact Harold Jansen ( to ascertain availability and to make a booking.

Proficiency tests are performed on Thursdays between 8:00 and 11:00. In the case of candidates not being able to attend the Proficiency test due to transport problems, arrangements can be made to have the test e-mailed to a suitable invigilator and returned via email once completed.


Training & Initial Examination (Non Members)

R11 865 (including VAT)

Training & Initial Examination (Corporate Members)

R11 288 (including VAT)

Initial Certification

R2 415 (including VAT)

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