Advanced: UT Level II Critical Flaw Sizing

Critical flaw sizing in ferritic steel is a technique used in a wide range of industries (power generation, petrochemical and refinery, shipping, manufacturing), to evaluate the integrity of equipment and constructions.  It is most commonly used in evaluating defects which have arisen in service.  It is accepted that all weld will contain some flaws but the question is, how many and what are their sizes?

The detection of sizeable welding flaws is critical to the health, safety and reliability of any high integrity plant and construction.  It is essential that the information on location, frequency and size of defects is accurate and can be used in integrity evaluations and remaining life analysis.  Standard UT testing techniques will detect flaws but not give the accuracy of information required for assessing the integrity of equipment.

General, specific and practical training is provided daily and formative assessments are used to monitor progress and a final summative assessment is utilised to assess the success of the training programme and to issue a proof of training document. Following the successful completion of the training programme, candidates will be eligible to write the qualification examination conducted by the Personnel Certification Body, where after industrial experience of 9 months in this application; can be gained towards personnel certification.

A proper understanding and competence relating to conventional Ultrasonic testing is mandatory, hence the access condition of UT II certification for this advanced NDT method.


Access Conditions

Candidate shall be qualified i.e. have received training in accordance with ISO9712: 2012 requirements and have passed the Level 1 qualification examinations (certified is preferred) as a Level 1 NDT Technician in the applicable method and sector.

Direct Access to Level 2:
Candidate shall have passed both mathematics and science at Grade 12 level (Equivalent to N3 – Proof of Grade 12 certificate is required) and have applicable tertiary qualification(s) and / or relevant NDT experience. Combination of Level 1 and Level 2 Training hours in accordance with an approved syllabus and training programme as per SAQCC – NDT requirements and based on Certification body approval. The Level 1 qualification examinations shall also have been successfully passed.


Please contact SAIW NDT admin for further information on: or 011 298 2106



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