The Association forms part of the industrial, trade and research sector specialising in the field of thermal spraying and aims to develop and control the industry of thermal spray coatings in South Africa.

The Association’s main objectives for which it has been established are, inter alia, to take such action as may be required –

  • to promote quality in the thermal spray industry;
  • to certify companies and organisations who have quality management systems
    implemented to manage their related products and services with a certificate issued
    as per the TSASA Certification Scheme (“the Association Certificate”); and
  • to promote thermal spray technology by –
  • being involved in joint advertising activities;
  • being involved in public relations activities to facilitate a more widespread
    application of thermal spraying;
  • organising specialist events such as colloquia, exhibitions, seminars and training
  • developing the thermal spray coating industry in South Africa;
  • developing and implementing quality control standards and testing facilities
    processes and procedures to ensure maintenance by all thermal spray
    companies and/or international individuals with best practice standards in South
    Africa; and
  • taking any such action as may be required in any matter associated with or
    complementary to the aforesaid.

To this end, the Association has the task of, inter alia

  • creating the TSASA Certification Scheme for the Association together with guidelines
    and implementation requirements for the purpose of carrying out the objective
    referred to in clause 3.2.2 supra;
  • monitoring the compliance of Certificate Holders with the guidelines
    and implementation requirements of the TSASA Certification Scheme; and
  • ensuring that Certificate Holders only mark such of their products and services with
    the Association Certificate granted where the quality of such products and services is