Sales representative training course on the way

SAIW, in response to industry request, is launching a sales reprentative course that will enhance sales professionals’ overall understanding of welding and assist them to provide greater value-added expertise to customers. The first course is scheduled to start early next year.

The four-week course, which is currently being finalised in conjunction with consumable, gas and equipment supply companies, will comprise one week of practical welding and video training, two weeks of theory (comprising a brief overview of Welding Inspector Level 1 and 2) and one week of company specific training.

Following examination, successful candidates will be awarded an SAIW diploma confirming that they have what it takes to add value to a sale. How best to accommodate advanced students is still being reviewed.

“While there are some highly experienced sales professionals that are able to assist customers in improving their overall welding quality and productivity, many sales representatives find it challenging to move from selling their product to selling solutions and assist customers with problem solving,” says SAIW training manager Etienne Nell.

“A basic knowledge of welding processes and procedures will help them improve their service to customers and, ultimately, to achieve better sales.”