Heat Treatment Practitioner

Heat Treatment Practitioner performing local heat treatment of welded fabrications on site, or in a workshop, using resistance heating, will benefit from this course.

The course is also suitable for maintenance personnel who are responsible for supervising heat treatment operations.

Candidates who preferably have a Grade 10 qualification as well as experience in engineering and/or metal working is recommended.

Covers heat treatment requirements for the fabrication of pressure vessels, steam generators and process equipment.

The following fabrication codes are dealt with in this course:
ASME VIII, BS2633, EN13445, EN13480 and AWS D1.1.




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Course Outline


  • Basic metallurgy
  • Heat treatment definitions
  • Welding processes
  • Welding effects on materials – why is heat treatment necessary?
  • Heat treatment cycles, heating and cooling rates, soaking  temperatures, soaking times
  • Code and material specification requirements for welding;
  • Pre-heat, post-weld heat treatment, normalising, annealing, hydrogen removal
  • Methods of heat  treatment
  • Equipment.


  • Determining pre- and post-weld heat treatment requirements to codes and standards
  • Determining heating and insulation band widths
  • Determining heating configurations on nozzles
  • Setting up equipment for weld heat treatments – thermocouples, heaters, insulation
  • Operating heat treatment equipment

Access Conditions

Entry Requirements

Candidates should preferably have a Grade 10 qualification and experience in engineering and/or metal working is recommended.

Course Duration : 10 days

Successful candidates will:

Understand the necessity to perform pre- and post-weld heat treatments; be able to determine heat treatment cycles in accordance with various codes and be able to set up and operate heat treatment equipment.


Corporate Member: R 23,000 (including VAT)

Non-Member: R 24,865 (including VAT)


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