PRICING – 12 WEEK MODULE  (including VAT)

The price of the course is R 6 888 per week, and this is discounted by 5% for each successive week to 12 weeks. Week 1 starts with each new process and with each new level (fillet, plate or pipe).

The pricing is thus as follows:

A 25% surcharge is applied if the material is stainless steel or aluminium.

The above pricing includes certification testing (coding).

Should only a welder competency test be required, R2 905 will be charged per welding process, per position, per material


The estimated time required for the various processes and levels is shown below, but this is dependent on the individual.

The above pricing includes practical welding training, welder certification testing (coding), theoretical training and examination fees. If the material is stainless steel or aluminium, a 25% surcharge will apply.

A free one-week Robotics Welding Course will be awarded to the student should he/she complete a Process (e.g. MMA in Fillet, Plate and Pipe).


The theory modules and welder qualification tests are included in the price of the International Welder qualification programme. However, an experienced welder may wish to become an International Welder through recognition of prior learning. In this case, the theory modules and welder qualification tests can be taken separately to the practical training: