Portable Hardness Testing

The main purpose of hardness testing is to determine the suitability of a material for a given application.

Conventional hardness testers, like Rockwell, Brinell or Vickers machines, require the test piece be brought to the testing device, but this is not always possible.

Portable hardness testing devices have been developed that permit in-situ hardness measurements thus offering quick and economical supplements to conventional, stationary testing machines.

This three day course will define hardness, conventional methods of hardness testing and various methods of portable hardness testing. Practical session during the course will give hands on experience on the portable hardness testing machines with various samples ranging from steel, stainless steel, aluminium and plastics.

After the course, the person will be competent to undertake in-situ hardness testing.

Course Duration
2 days + 1 day exam


Corporate Member : R9,595 (including VAT)
Non-Member : R10,375 (including VAT)

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