There are five types of Individual Members, each category having its own requisites as follows:

1. Honorary Life Members (‘HonLMSAIW’)
Honorary Life Members are individuals who are elected to this category in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the industry or to the Institute. They do not have to apply for membership and are not required to pay membership fees.

2. Fellows (‘FSAIW’)
Fellows are individuals of scientific or technical eminence, elected to this category in recognition of distinguished contributions to the science or practice of welding.

3. Members (‘MSAIW’)
A Member is any individual with a minimum of five years of theoretical and/or practical experience in the field of welding, which combined with the relevant qualifications, shows a professional competence. This category includes International Members.

4. Associate Members (‘AMSAIW’)
Associate Members are individuals involved in the field of welding, although not necessarily in a hands-on, practical sense. This category includes International Associate Members.

5. Students (‘SMSAIW’)
Students are individuals below the age of 25, studying an approved form of training in the industry and who are considered suitable for membership.