Qualification examination:

Entrance requirements for applicants for the qualification examination as an SAQCC-Competent Person:

Must have completed an approved Competent Persons training course for the scope required, to the satisfaction of the Approved Training Body responsible for the course


Each applicant for the qualification examination shall complete an application on Form PF 12 which will include:

In conjunction with this application form, each applicant will be supplied with an information sheet, GF 07, detailing the applicant’s rights of appeal and complaint with reference to qualification.

All documentation submitted by applicants, when applying to SAIW Certification for a qualification examination, must be original or photocopies verified by a Commissioner of Oaths or South African Police Services.

Verification of an applicant’s identity is required and will only be accepted in the form of a current, valid national identity document or travel document.

The identity or travel document being used must contain a current black and white or colour photograph of the applicant.

Application Forms

Initial Examination       Re-write Examination    Feed Back Form Examination