PT Level I

PT I operators should be competent to setup the relevant NDT equipment, perform the test, report and classify any indications and record the results, all in accordance with a provided written instruction. General, specific and practical training is provided and daily formative assessments are used to monitor progress and a final summative assessment is utilised to assess the success of the training programme   and to issue a proof of training document.  Following the successful completion of the training programme, candidates will be eligible to write the qualification examination conducted by the Personnel Certification Body, where after industrial experience of 1 month can be gained towards personnel certification.

Practical applications / techniques

Visible, fluorescent and dual sensitive / Water washable, solvent removable and post emulsifiable penetrants /Aqueous, non-aqueous and dry developer / Spraying and dipping applications

General Theory

Advantages, disadvantages and limitations / Discontinuities, indications, defects / Capillary action, surface tension, wetting ability, contact angle / Cohesion and adhesion forces / Solution, suspension / Diffusion, General and solvent action / Penetrant, cleaner and developer properties / Visual requirements

Specific Theory

Surface preparation and cleaning / Penetrant application and dwell time / Drying / Removal of excess penetrant / Penetrant application / Interpret and report / Post cleaning / Functional checks and calibration

Practical Skills

Performance and quality checks / Performance of tests / Characterisation of indications / Recording results / Report writing

Course notes shall be provided on first day

PT I General and Specific Notebook Written instructions / Questions and answer sheets / Homework


Access Conditions

Mandatory Access 

Direct access to the course shall be granted if the candidate has passed both mathematics and science at Grade 10 (Proof of Grade 10 – or equivalent such as N1; certificate is required).


Training & Initial Examination (Non Members)

R13 650 (including VAT)

Training & Initial Examination (Corporate Members)

R12 626 (including VAT)

Initial Certification

R2 415 (including VAT)

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