SAIW brings International Experts to South African Screens

The SAIW in proud partnership with the New Zealand based Heavy Engineering Research Association and the Canadian Welding Bureau Association is presenting a series of world-class expert eCourses to South Africa and beyond, thanks to the accessible, live digital format of these sessions.

SAIW Executive Director John Tarboton comments; “Due to the new reality in which we find ourselves, we have seen an increased demand for online training and are therefore collaborating with our international associates to transfer the knowledge and experience of world experts into as many countries as possible. Another big benefit for local attendees, is that this level of expertise and training will be made available, at a favourable cost, thanks to the online accessibility of this training format.”

World renowned experts

The first eCourse - which carries 1 CPD point for ECSA - will feature a series of four webinars by world expert, Professor Pingsha Dong from the University of Michigan, USA. Professor Dong is the inventor of the mesh-insensitive structural stress method (also referred to as the Master S-N Curve Method) adopted by the 2007 ASME Div 2 and API 579/ASME FFS-1 Codes and Standards mandated by over 50 countries worldwide. Over the past 10 years, Prof. Dong has taught courses in fatigue design, fracture control, residual stress/distortion control in over a dozen countries around the globe.

This eCourse will address fundamental aspects that engineers should know when it comes to designing welded joints by incorporating key findings resulted from the most recent research developments in analytical and computational modelling of welded joints and welding processes. It will also delve into the numerous problems encountered in welded connections and address the “hot topic” of how to achieve satisfactory weld performance by smart design.

The eCourse will be presented in four 2 hours webinars and each session will be followed by an interactive Q&A session. For more information e-mail