Develop an Appreciation for the Bottomline Benefits of Welding

Welding has a crucial role to play in the rebuilding of our economy post the COVID-19 lockdown with this type of specialist skills being required to build strength into key fabrication, supply chain and infrastructural projects to name a few.

Realising the need for a wider understanding of the benefits of welding in the workplace, SAIW will be re-launching its Five Day Appreciation of Welding for Engineers course which is designed to introduce students to the field of welding.

SAIW Training Manager Shelton Zichawo explains; “The course is not only for engineers but can be attended by personnel who are not necessarily engineers but have an interest in learning more about welding e.g. new engineers to welding, QA personnel, Managers, storeman, entrepreneurs, or any person whose new role includes welding.”

He explains that the course is laid out to give information on the various requirements  that need to be taken into consideration to produce good quality welds. “One of the key things with welding is that once the product has been manufactured it does not get tested to check for mechanical quality requirements instead we can only do non-destructive testing.

“The implication of not being able to do mechanical tests on a completed product is that the weld quality needs to be managed before welding commences as quality has to be built into the product,” he stresses.

In terms of the Appreciation of Welding course content, various topics from welding processes to the nature of materials that are welded and how these alter during the welding process are covered. Other aspects such as how to manage the quality of deposited welds through the use of qualified personnel and procedures and the different types of testing that is required are also taught in this course.

The course is taught at the Southern African Institute of Welding (SAIW) in Johannesburg as well as satellite classrooms in Durban and Cape Town and can also be presented at a client’s premises if required. For more information e-mail