Manufacturer Certification process to ISO 3834

15 May 2018

Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials

With the increase in demand and mandatory requirements of certain industrial manufacturers and changes in national legislation, an increase in requests regarding ISO 3834 certification and the process involved, has been received by SAIW Certification.

As these requirements stated above are covering the manufacturing/ maintenance industry on a broad base and internationally in many instances , it requires a thorough understanding and knowledge of what the ISO 3834 certification entails by companies with either little or no knowledge about the certification process and relevant requirements.

The process that has to be followed during the certification as an ISO 3834 certified company will be as follows:

  • Enquiry – Company contact SAIW Certification with regard to ISO/SANS 3834 certification
  • Marketing Visit (if required) – Visit to the applicant company explaining the requirements of certification to ISO 3834
  • Submission of Proposal and Contract – Application documentation to be sent to applicant company in order to:1. Establish the size of the company (small, medium or large and welding coordination personnel employed by the company)
    2. Establish the scope of certification that has been applied for by verifying the product manufactured/maintained
    3. Acceptance of basic “Terms and Conditions” as per contract
  • Proposal Acceptance – Submission of agreement and signedcontract to SAIW Certification
  • Application – Proof of payment to be submitted to SAIW Certification
  • Readiness Survey (Stage 1) audit – Gap analysis to establish compliance with the requirements of the relevant part of ISO 3834
  • Certification Application – Submission of proof of payment of certification fee after a date has been finalised for certification
  • Certification Audit (Stage 2) audit – After all areas identified during the “Gap Analysis” have been addressed and the applicant company is confident that all minimum requirements have been met
  • Clearance of Non- Conformances – Proof of all non-conformances raised has to be sent to SAIW Certification for acceptance/approval
  • Certification Board Approval – Certification recommendation report to be submitted to the Approvals Board for acceptance
  • Certification – After final approval the certificate will be issued to the applicant company that will be valid for three (3) years where re-certification will be done in the third year with surveillance audits that shall be done annually in between