MT Level I

MT I operators should be competent to setup the relevant NDT equipment, perform the test, report and classify any indications and record the results, all in accordance with a provided written instruction. General, specific and practical training is provided during the course. Daily formative assessments are used to monitor progress and a final assessment is utilised to determine the success of the training programme and to issue a proof of training document, after which, candidates will be eligible to write the qualification examination conducted by the Personnel Certification Body. Industrial experience of 1 month must be gained towards personnel certification.

Practical applications / techniques

Visible and fluorescent applications

  • Longitudinal Magnetisation: Coil (Rigid and wrapped), Yokes (Permanent and electromagnetic), Magnetic flow on bench
  • Circular Magnetisation: Prods, Central conductor, Current flow on bench

General Theory

Advantages, disadvantages and limitations / Discontinuities, indications, defects / Magnetism and magnetic materials / Magnetisation / Leakage flux / Hysteresis curve / Distribution and magnetic field strength / Consumables and their properties / Visual requirements

Specific Theory

Surface preparation and cleaning / Magnetisation / Direction and strength measurement of magnetic field / Interpret and report / Post cleaning / Functional checks and calibration

Practical Skills

Performance and quality checks / Performance of tests / Characterisation of indications / Recording results / Report writing

Course notes shall be provided on first day

MT I General and Specific Notebook / Written instructions / Questions and answer sheets / Homework