Judging criteria

Best IIW Manufacturing Certification Company Award and Best Responisible Welding Coordinator Award

As this is the first year that these Awards have been instituted, the SAIW felt it was important for Fusion readers to understand what the criteria are for judging the best candidates. These are found below.

Best ISO 3834 Manufacturing Company

1. Meeting the requirements of the ISO 3834 scheme. Score from assessment.
2. Revision of audit documentation. Level of compliance of ISO 3834, number of non conformances from last assessment.
3. Implementation and involvement of the management team of the quality process.
4. Commitment and achievement of continuous improvement of the welding process management systems to achieve required quality levels.
5. Production of high quality product.
6. Degree of customer satisfaction.
7. Certifications held by third party certification bodies.
8. Innovative products manufactured using welding technologies.
9. New markets developed for supply of products.
10. Welding Coordination team – Depth of knowledge, qualifications and experience.
11. Company has an effective system to manage weld defect rate effectively and implements processes to prevent weld defects on the shop floor.

Best Welding Coordinator

1. Achievement in implementation of quality management and welding processes.
2. Qualifications attained in respect of welding coordination.
3. Dedication to quality of welding.
4. Achievement of tasks and responsibilities of the welding coordinator within the organisation.
5. Attainment of technical knowledge.
6. Level of innovation in terms of implementation of welding processes and quality management systems.
7. Implementation of new welding technologies and innovation in respect of welding technologies.
8. Development of welding coordination team. Mentoring and transfer of knowledge to members in the welding coordination team.
9. Monitors and manages weld defect rate effectively and implements corrective action to prevent weld defects on the shop floor

All the nominated candidates were of a high quality and were deserving of the nominations. As a result it was a tough task to choose a winner as there were so many deserving candidates. However, based on the scoring criteria, there were two clear winners even though it was neck and neck with the scores being in a particularly narrow band – Sean Blake.