Italo Fernandes visits SAIW

Italo Fernandes, from ISQ – secretariat of the IIW International Authorisation Board in Portugal, is visiting SAIW, South Africa. The Secretariat helps Authorised National Bodies (ANB) and Authorised National Bodies for Company Certification (ANBCC) to understand and comply with the IIW rules and examination practices. The main purpose of Fernandes’ visit is to spend time with Herman Potgieter, the newly appointed qualification and certification manager at SAIW, in order to assist him in becoming familiar with the IIW systems and procedures as quickly as possible. Mr Jim Guild, executive director of SAIW, says that; “It is great to host Italo at SAIW. Turnover of staff always results in a loss of knowledge and skill and Italo’s visit will assist Herman greatly in the areas of qualification and certification. We deeply value our relationship with ISQ and always find their assistance valuable”.