ISO 3834 – A Major Benefit for Fabricators

We have said numerous times in Fusion how important ISO 3834 accreditation is for any fabrication company. It is the “stamp of quality” and gives all end-users the assurance that they are dealing with a professional fabricator whose work is approved by the highest authority in the land.

Herman Potgieter, MD of SAIW Certification, which manages the ISO 3834 accreditation scheme, says that this is not for big companies only. It’s for all companies. “In fact, smaller, lesser known companies could benefit even more because this stamp of approval shows they’re on a par with the best,” he says.

Potgieter adds that the demand, is such that SAIW Certification continues to get numerous requests for an explanation of the process for attaining ISO 3834 certification. “For this reason we have decided to once again show our readers axactly what has to be done”, says Potgieter.

The process that has to be followed during the certification of an ISO 3834 certified company will be as follows:

1. Enquiry – Company contact SAIW Certification with regard to ISO/SANS 3834 certification.

2. Marketing Visit (if required) – Visit to the applicant company explaining the requirements of certification to ISO 3834.

3. Submission of Proposal and Contract – Application documentation to be send to applicant company to;

• Establish the size of the company (small, medium or large and welding coordination personnel employed by the company)
• Establish the scope of certification that has been applied for by verifying the product manufactured/maintained
• Acceptance of basic “Terms and Conditions” as per contract.

4. Proposal Acceptance – Submission of agreement and signed contract to SAIW Certification.

5. Application – proof of payment to be submitted to SAIW Certification.

6. Readiness Survey (Stage 1) audit – gap analysis to establish compliance with the requirements of the relevant part of ISO 3834.

7. Certification Application – Submission of proof of payment of certification fee after a date has been finalised for certification.

8. Certification Audit (Stage 2) audit – After all areas identified during the “Gap Analysis” have been addressed and the applicant company is confident that all minimum requirements have been met.

9. Clearance of Non-Conformities – Proof of all non-conformances raised has to be sent to SAIW Certification for acceptance/approval.

10. Certification Board Approval – Certification recommendation report to be submitted to the Approvals Board for acceptance.

11. Certification – After final approval the certificate will be issued to the applicant company that will be valid for three (3) years where recertification will be done in the third year with surveillance audits done annually in between.

For more information contact SAIW Certification on 011 298 2100.

Two recently accredited companies – well done!