Important Announcement from the SAQCC CP/IPE Certification Committee

There have been substantial changes to the legal framework and supporting standards in recent years, notably the introduction of the Pressure Equipment Regulations and the support- ing standard SANS 347 ‘Categorization and conformity assessment criteria for all pressure equipment’. SAQCC CP / IPE has decided, in view of the major changes that have occurred, all recertifying inspec- tors will need to satisfy one of two options as part of the recertifica- tion process:

1. Attend a seminar/course/workshop on the PER and SANS 347 which is presented by a Department of Labour approved presenter. Please note that it is the presenters who have DoL approval, not their employer companies, nor organisations which may have organised events. Training events presented by other presenters will not be recognised.


2. Successfully complete a SAQCC CP / IPE examination which covers the PER and SANS 347. The scope of the recertifying examination will be limited to knowledge of the PER and SANS 347. It will be a one hour, short answer type, closed book examination and will have a 70% pass mark. If an inspector fails two attempts at the examination it will become mandatory for the inspector to attend an approved training event.

It is anticipated that many inspectors will already comply with option one and further courses will be offered if there is sufficient demand.

Inspectors that have self-studied the regulations and standard or have learned by participation in in-company training events may opt for option two and, for these inspectors, examinations will be held in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth when there is sufficient demand. The cost of the examination is R 482.00 including VAT (2013 price quoted).

More information on dates of courses and examinations will be provided in the next few weeks. Inspectors are encouraged to visit the SAIW website for updates.

The recertification process will still require inspectors to provide records of experience and CPD as they have done for the periodic renewals.

The process to be followed by CPs and IPEs wishing to apply for re-certification includes:

* Completing the application form for certification renewal
* Providing a certified copy of the applicant’s identity document
* Providing a current colour passport photograph
* Providing verified evidence of visual acuity on the standard SAQCC

form (within the last six (6) months)

* Providing CPD records – 24 hours required
* Fulfilment of the minimum inspection experience requirements;
* CP-PV: – Ten (10) Pressure Vessels (needs to be verified by the relevant authority)
* CP-SG: – Six (6) Pressure Vessels (needs to be verified by the relevant authority)
* IPE: – Six (6) new pressure vessels or six (6) new fabricated steam generators or a combination of the two
* Providing verified evidence of attendance at an approved PER

/ SANS 347 training event or a pass mark in the recertification examination

* Payment of the recertification fee of R 1423.00 including VAT (2013 price quoted)

Inspectors are encouraged to apply for re-certification three months efore their existing certification lapses. This means those inspec- tors required to be recertified by 1st January 2014 can apply from

1st October 2013. Early recertification will not affect the dates of the certification cycle, i.e. recertification will synchronise with the pre-existing three-year cycle. As is the case for renewal of certifica-

tion, late applicants for recertification are given a three-month period of grace in which their applications are treated normally. Inspectors submitting applications more than three months late are required to attend an interview by an SAQCC CP / IPE panel which will decide on an appropriate process of recertification.

SAIW will process all applications for recertification, submitted in good time, within six weeks, if the applicant has provided full and cor- rect information in the application form and supporting documents.

Inspectors are reminded that certification lapses on the expiry date on their certificate and any inspections carried out after that date are illegal.

Please note: All CP and IPE Inspectors are advised that, in view of the extent and importance of the changes to regulations and standards, the CP / IPE Committee considers that the same requirements should be applied to all inspectors when applying for certification renewal

and it is advisable for inspectors to take advantage of training events at an early and suitably opportune time.