First Structural Steel Fabricators Certified to ISO 3834

This increases the number of South African companies certified since ISO 3834 was introduced by SAIW about two years ago, to fifteen. The other companies that have been certified are involved in the fabrication and maintenance of pressure vessels, boilers, heat exchangers, tank containers and road tankers.

27 more companies from both the structural steel and pressure vessel industries have applied to be audited by SAIW Certification.

“Structural steel fabricators are usually certified to ISO 3834 Part 3, Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials,” says Sean Blake, SAIW project manager. “ISO 3834 Part 3 is the quality level recommended by SAIW for structural fabrications and on-site construction but fabricators do have the option to apply for the more stringent Part 2.”

Re-work no longer an issue
AGS Engineering, the manufacturing arm of construction company August General Servicing (AGS), was the first local structural steel fabricator to receive certification. The company recently acquired a second workshop in Alrode, Germiston following the award of a contract for the fabrication and installation of bag filter units for Medupi and Kusile power stations.

“ISO 3834 Part 3 certification was a requirement by Hitachi/Eskom for the contract – not that we had to be certified, but we had to comply with ISO 3834 part 3, which defines the standard quality requirements for fusion welding in both workshops and on-site,” says Douglas Louw, Quality Manager.

“ISO 3834 makes the welding requirements very clear and informs a welder exactly how and why he should be following a welding procedure specification. It ensures that welders understand the link between their work and the end result of the whole product.”

As a result of ISO 3834 and AGS’s quality management decisions, re-work is no longer an issue. “We prefer to spend five minutes longer and encourage welders to get it right first time. And because the welder is doing his own inspection, which is verified by our in-house quality personnel, the independent inspection people seldom find faults.”