Falsified Inspector diplomas

Recently, three instances of falsified Level 1 SAIW Welding Inspection Diplomas have been presented to end-users as evidence of qualification as SAIW Welding Inspectors.

Fabricators and end-users who use the services of welding inspectors are advised to ask for original diplomas before hiring, as in one of the cases the falsified diploma had been verified as a copy of the original.

The diplomas presented were in the following names:

Marthinus Nel: ID No. 7609235105088

Chadleigh Farron David: ID No. 9102145139080

Frans Matthysen:ID N0. 7608015195087

Please note:

On receiving an official complaint it is dealt with in accordance with the SAIW Certification Appeals and Complaints procedure and appropriate action is taken, which may include:-

  • counselling of the individual

  • cancellation of the certificate or diploma, if the owner colluded in the misuse,

  • prosecution for fraudulent misrepresentation,

Please contact Rencia Grundlingh at SAIW Certification should you discover similar attempts at falsification of SAIW diplomas.