Award of IIW International Welding Inspector Standard Qualification

In 2009 a Construction and Design module was included in the SAIW Welding Inspector Level 2 course and holders of this qualification can also be awarded the IIW International Welding Inspector-Standard diploma provided they comply with the requirements.

Holders of earlier SAIW Welding Inspector Level 2 diplomas, where the course did not include the Construction and Design module, are required to take the separate Construction and Design module and examination for award of the IWIP Standard diploma.

They also need to comply with the following requirements stipulating that all applicants:

1. Must be a minimum age of 20 years.

2. Must hold a Senior certificate or N3 qualification including mathematics and science subjects – or equivalent (copy of certificate required). NB Holders of the senior certificate or N3 certificate must also have two years’ job-related experience.

3. Must hold a Certificate of General Education and Training (Grade 9) or equivalent (copy of certificate required).
Holders of the CGET certificate must also have five years’ job-related or metalworking experience.

4. Must supply evidence of the job-related/metalworking experience.

5. Must supply SAIW Level 2 Welding Inspector examination results (copy of results or diploma required).

6. Vision test record on SAIW Certification form.

7. Must supply a legible copy of identification document.

Applicants who have taken the Construction & Design module separately must also supply a copy of their C & D examination result. An administration fee of R200 will be payable for

processing the diploma application and the issuing of the IIW diploma.

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