Appreciation of NDT for Engineers

This course provides essential information relating to the six basic NDT methods, as well as references to the other less utilised or advanced applications, equipping the candidate with sufficient information in order to provide educated input to the engineering decision-making process.  The objective of this course is to answer the following questions relating to the six basic NDT methods:

  • What is NDT?
  • Different methods and techniques. Basic theory.
  • Why is testing so important?
  • When is NDT required?
  • How is NDT applied and the quality controlled?
  • What results can be expected? Advantages and Limitations
  • Review and management

The candidates for this course are Engineers and Engineers in training involved in the design, manufacture, fabrication, installation, operation and maintenance of engineering components as well as managers and supervisors responsible for plant operation and product delivery. No examination is required and candidates are issued with a course attendance certificate.