Amended requirements for certification as Inspector of Pressurised Equipment (IPE)

The current requirements for applying for certification as an IPE are:

1. SAIW Level 2 Welding Inspector diploma.

2. ASME Codes of Manufacture diploma.

3. Application form including completed practical training log of eighteen inspection tasks carried out by the applicant on five different vessels.

4. Each task on the log has to be signed off and stamped as verified by a certified IPE. The eighteen tasks must be backed up with verified documentation such as a completed QCP, an inspection report, a visit report etc. All backup documentation must be original or a verified copy of the original.

5. A minimum practical training/experience period of two years.

The SAQCC IPE committee has discussed these requirements and has made the following amendments:

1. Where the date of completion of the first inspection task is on or after 01/01/2010, all new applicants must also hold certification in Radiographic Interpretation, either from SAIW Certification or from another body where certification is issued as a result of independent examination or where the training was carried out at a training body approved by SAIW Certification and certification was subsequently issued by SAIW Certification.

2. The date of completion of the first inspection task must be no earlier than the date of passing the SAIW Level 2 Welding Inspector examinations.

3. Practical training for IPE/CP-Pressure Vessels /Boilers cannot be carried out simultaneously. The practical training periods must be separate.