Welding Inspector (SAIW Level I)

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    The SAIW flagship Welding Inspector training programmes are tailored to meet industry requirements for welding inspection personnel involved in the fabrication, petrochemical, refinery, process plant, power generation, construction and other industries. Qualification as a welding inspector is an ideal platform to build a career as a third party inspector or to progress further as a technical expert or manager of an inspection function.

    The Welding Inspector course is designed to equip an inspector to conduct basic inspections, to  identify welding  defects and witness and validate welder qualification tests. Students obtain a useful qualification which allows them to gain employment. This course is an entry requirement for the Senior Welding Inspector course, which further upgrades skills, completes the training as a welding inspector and upgrades skills where candidates are able to take on and manage all inspection activities, including being able to confirm the code compliance of a welding procedure.

    Since 2010, the SAIW welding inspector training programmes and examinations are fully aligned with the International Institute of Welding (IIW) IWIP Standard level inspection diploma, but the combined SAIW Welding Inspector and Senior Welding Inspector courses are more comprehensive than the IIW syllabus as they incorporate material identified as essential by national industry experts.

    Welding personnel, with a Grade 10 qualification and 2 years' welding industry experience, wanting a career in quality control of welded fabrications should apply for this course. This is an ideal entry course for career development in the fabrication, third party inspection authority, petrochemical, refinery and power generation industries.

    Candidates without a National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) including passes in Mathematics and Science are required to do the Foundation Week 


    Candidates should hold a Standard 8/Grade10 qualification with mathematics and science.
    Minimum 18 years of age
    Minimum of 2 years of metal working experience
    Sufficient English language skills is needed to understand course content  

    Students who meet the criteria below may on application be exempt from the foundation week :

    1. Matric with Mathematics and Science (or equivalent), or
    2. Grade 9 plus 5 years welding fabrication experience


    25 days (Including Foundation Week)
    20 Days (Excempt from Foundation Week) 


      • Welding processes and consumables
      • Welding defects
      • Materials technology
      • Visual inspection
      • Distortion and control of dimensions
      • Welder qualification
      • Inspection and quality assurance of welded fabrications
      • Health and safety


      • Perform visual inspections on welded samples and complete inspection reports
      • Accept or reject welds to a construction code or specification
      • Qualify procedures and welder performance to a construction code

      Successful students will be able to:
      • Apply the correct essential and non-essential variables for the welder and welding procedure
      • Perform inspections prior to, during and after welding
      • Ensure that safe working practices are used for welding
      • Complete inspection reports

      Examination to SAIW Inspector Level 1 requirements.

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