Robotic Welding


The Robotic Welding course provides training to personnel in the robotic welding industry on welding technology that is applicable to automated welding processes. The course is designed to give personnel the necessary theoretical knowledge on welding technology by equipping the candidate to manage all aspects of a robotic welding operation including design of the welding task, safety and troubleshooting of the welding operation.

The course includes the following: welding terminology; equipment for robotic welding; technical drawings including interpretation and application; welding symbols; welding processes and technologies for robotic welding including selection of welding parameters; factors affecting the weld; identification of welding defects and causes; resolution of welding defects; standards for welding defects (ISO 5817); jigs, fixtures, manipulators and rotators; sensors used for welding robots; seam tracking technologies; principles of robotic programming; welding safety; weld procedures and application to robotic welding.


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Access Conditions

Entry Requirements: None

Course Duration: 5 days

Cost & Bookings

Corporate Member: R 12 772 (incl VAT)

Non-Member: R 13 808 (incl VAT)

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