Paint Inspectors


The SAIW Paint Inspectors (PI) course provides candidates with the basic knowledge regarding surface preparation and paint application to ensure engineering materials are suitably protected from environmental decay and/or corrosion, through the use of protective coatings.

Furthermore, the practical content of the course enables the candidate not only to assess the application process and newly applied protective layers, but also to identify coating damage on established installations.

Candidates who are involved in the surface preparation, paint application or corrosion protection industries, who want to further their career opportunities in the supervisory or coating evaluation facets of corrosion protection of engineering materials, may apply.


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Course Information

This course has a theoretical component and covers:

  • Principles of corrosion
  • Corrosion protection
  • Selection of coating systems
  • Surface preparation methods and applicable standards
  • Paint constituents
  • Application methods and applicable standards
  • Paint specification and datasheets
  • Measurement and evaluation techniques and processes
  • Site and shop applications
  • Coating defects and failures
  • Definitions of coating related terms


Assessment of environmental conditions relating to coating application, perform inspections on newly prepared substrates, evaluate newly coated surfaces, test various aspects of an established coating system and identify typical coating damage and failures.

These results and instructions are consequently used to generate suitable report sheets.

Access Conditions

Entry Requirements: Candidates are required to hold a Grade 10 qualification (minimum) plus relevant experience in a maintenance environment.

Course Duration:
4 days
1 day examination

Costs & Bookings

Corporate Member: R13 986 (including VAT)

Non-Member: R15 120 (including VAT)

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