IIW Welding Technologist


The welding technologist course is aimed at equipping personnel with the necessary skills and technical knowledge for the planning, executing, supervising and testing of the tasks and responsibilities in welding fabrication, within a selective or limited technical field involving simple welded constructions.

Engineering personnel, with a National Diploma in engineering or an equivalent qualification, intending to pursue a career in welding fabrication should apply for this course. It is suitable for engineers working on site and in fabrication workshops, in manufacturing, EPCM companies and end users. The qualification is referenced as suitable for employees with welding coordination responsibilities in ISO 3834 and ISO 14731 standards addressing welding quality systems.

It is also an excellent qualification for Welding Coordination Personnel with the responsibility for confirming the acceptability of welding procedures used in welded fabrications.



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Course Information

This course has a theoretical component and covers welding processes and equipment; materials and their behaviour during welding; construction and design; fabrication applications engineering; and fundamental practical skills.

This course also has a practical component, which although does not aim at providing practical skills to the candidate, it does however provide them with knowledge on the control of the different welding processes. The course covers specifications; verification of welder and procedure qualifications; and interpretation of test results and collation of reports and records.

Access Conditions

Entry Requirements:

  • National diploma in Engineering from a Technical University (Technikon)
  • BSc degree in Engineering
  • IWS diploma with 6 years work experience as a Welding Coordinator at an appropriate level within 8 years after receiving the IWS diploma
  • N6 Mechanical Engineering with 5 years work experience in the fabrication field in the last 10 years after receiving the N6 diploma on a Welding Technologist level

Course Duration:
Practical: 8 days
Theory: 44 days
Exams: 16 hours

Costs & Bookings

Corporate Member:
Theory Only – R67 405 (incl VAT)
Practical Only – R8 518 (incl VAT)
Theoretical & Practical Combined  – R75 923 (incl VAT)

Non- Member:
Theory Only – R72 870 (incl VAT)
Practical Only – R9 209 (incl VAT)
Theoretical & Practical Combined – R82 079 (incl VAT)

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